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Photo : View of Cape Town from Table Mountain, photo by Cobi Christiansen

Talks & Lectures

Shane Elipot, “Methods of Data Analysis in Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences”.

This is a series of five lectures I gave during my visit in the Department of Oceanography at the University of Cape Town in summer 2017. Many thanks to Dr. Juliet Hermes from SAEON for making this visit possible and Prof. Isabelle Ansorge for hosting me.

Lecture 1: “Essential Statistics” {Live Presentation} or {download}.

Lecture 2: “Covariance and correlation” {Live Presentation} or {download}.

Lecture 3: “Regression analysis & model fitting” {Live Presentation} or {download}.

Lecture 4: “Time Series Analyses” {Live Presentation} or {download}.

Lecture 5: “Eigen Methods” {Live Presentation} or {download}.

These lectures were followed by practical sessions using the Matlab software. The scripts used for these sessions are available at this link.

The above lecture on time series analysis was originally based on the Tromso lecture given by Jonathan Lilly. Please see the latest version of his course here.

Shane Elipot and Jonathan Lilly, “Time Series Analysis in a Changing Climate”, invited lecture for “Time-series analysis in environmental science and applications to climate change”, Tromso, Norway, 8-11 November 2016. {Live Presentation} or {download (11 MB)}.