Lectures on Methods of Data Analysis

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I just spent 3 very intense but delightful weeks in Cape Town, the mother city of South Africa. Aside from attending the IAPSO-IAMAS-IAGA 2017 meeting which was a lot of fun, I visited for two weeks the Department of Oceanography at the University of Cape Town in order to deliver a series of lectures on methods of data analysis in oceanic and atmospheric sciences. I am very grateful to the Head of Department Prof. Isabelle Ansorge and Dr. Juliet Hermes from the South African Environmental Observation Network for making my visit possible.

My audience was broad and diverse (more than 30 students!), from Masters level to postdoctoral researchers. I am pleased to make now available openly on my website the slides of these five lectures, as well as the Matlab scripts that the students worked with during afternoon practical sessions. I was ambivalent about making the students use a commercial software, as opposed to an open source software like Python. However, In the interest of time and exactness, I had to stick to what I knew. In addition, most of these Matlab scripts are compatible with the Matlab-like free software Octave.

By the way, I am always grateful to Jonathan Lilly who made me embark on this journey of lecturing on stats! And please check out the latest version of his course on time series analysis here.

Please feel free to email me with comments or questions about this material!

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